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Our View: Todays challenges in words from the past

Veritable When something is _ it is true, or at least feels that way. It is a derogatory label affixed most often to girls or women who are not forthcoming romantically-it's not very nice. A jewelry box might be _ in ebony with silver carvings. Contend To defend a belief or keep affirming that it's true is. People feel _ to different things. Sometimes someone in power might decide to give up that power and step down from his or her position.

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Cooper Webb, runner-up in 2020, was 10th. This protective wall may not keep the ocean away, but it might intimidate a few hostile hermit crabs. Muster Originally meaning only to gather soldiers, s definition has been expanded to include gathering up just about anything-you can _ up some dinner, some friends, or even some ketchup, pickles and mustard. Recourse _ is a source of help. If you are someone who cares about always doing the right and proper thing, your friends might accuse you of being obsessed with _ and beg you to loosen. You may spoil a dinner party by being late, but we all _ the earth with pollution and over-consumption.

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Your enthusiasm for skiing might _ after falling off a ski lift and getting a mouthful of snow. Stanch Use the verb _ to describe stopping a liquid from spreading, like a bandage that _ bleeding or thick towels that _ the flow of water across the kitchen floor when you drop a full glass of water. Busch Gardens tweeted that it plans to reopen on Thursday. A stormy ocean might or even a restless crowd. Hoary Use the adjective _ to describe something that is old and worn out like the _ jokes your great uncle Albert clings. If you suddenly became a trouble-maker in class, your teachers would long for the days when you were sweet and. You'll have to be patient, as you can't rush someone you're trying. Omniscient To be _ is to know everything. A few days in Hawaii might do wonders to add color to his pale, bearded face.

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Contusion _ is really just a fancy word for a bad bruise. Substantial Something _ is large in size, number, or amount: If you want to say someone spent a lot of money without being too specific, you could say they spent a _ amount of money. Loath If you are _ to do something, you really don't want to. No ID is required. Diligent Someone who is _ works hard and carefully. Prude Use _ to describe someone who is too concerned with being proper or modest. Pallid Santa looks a little meaning that he has a pale complexion, from spending too much time at the North Pole. Languid Describe a slow-moving river or a weak breeze or a listless manner with the slightly poetic adjective,. To _ something can also mean to get rid. Inclined If you're _ to do something, you want to do it, you like doing it, and you may even have an inherent talent for doing.

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Extort To _ is to use information or the threat of violence to acquire cash or something else. Derived When something is _ from something else, it is made from that. Aerial Threats #30-35, team Checklists #72-99, season Leaders #401-406. Rave If you _ about a book you just read, you're telling people you think it's great, or you're giving it a _ review. And if someone calls you they think nothing can get into your thick skull. Makeshift If you have to use a garbage can lid as a sled or a set of drapes as a ball gown, then you know what it means to put together a _ creation. Avarice _ is a fancy word for good old-fashioned greed. Carrion The noun _ refers to the dead and rotting flesh of an animal. Herculean Things that take great strength like throwing a boulder or finishing math homework are sometimes called _ in honor of the Greek god Hercules. Your class might _ so your teacher won't have time to give the pop quiz you all think she's going to give.

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Quagmire A _ is a dangerous place, like the muddy shoreline of a pond. It can describe cutting or splitting something apart with a sharp instrument, or oddly enough it can describe sticking to something like glue. Plentitude The noun _ means the state of being full or complete; also, an abundance. In its _ form, basketball was played with a soccer ball and peach baskets for goals. Afflict To _ is to cause suffering, pain, or misery. Barcia took the early lead after the first turn, with Justin Brayton, Adam Cianciarulo and Tomac in pursuit. Tread When you _ on the earth, you walk. As the clock winded down, he gained a spot to move into 13th place, but he wouldnt finish higher. Usually clever, _ are like great sayings everybody knows.

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A _ speech moves you by bringing to mind all that is good in the world: family, friends, laughter. Very confusing-the person who invented this word should be publicly _! Crews worked through Tuesday night to replace the broken pipe, which was encased in thick concrete that had to be jackhammered away piecemeal, Baird said. Brawn _ means muscular strength. Manifest Choose the verb manifest when someone shows something for everyone to notice. Burnish That seductive gleam on that Porsche behind the dealer's window? Just ask the Hare. You, my friend, know how to _ that is, cover up your true feelings. Incandescent When heated, coals become which means that they glow red-hot.

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Those folks are. Football Heroes Checklist Joe Montana in Low Series packs. Gripe The word as both noun and verb, refers to a minor complaint. Ratify To _ a treaty or contract is to officially approve it by signing or voting for. Anything a person or object or idea can be _ if it's done by force upon an unwilling party. Smattering A smattering is a small but inexact amount of something. Roseate As its sound might suggest, _ has to do with "rosy." Anything that's _ is rose colored or pinkish. Fracas If your marching band gets into a fight with another school's pep squad, your principal might say the _ was uncalled for and undignified.

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